Rikku (hyper_thief) wrote in ff_x2,

Calling all X-2 roleplayers!

Hello! As the subject points out, I run a game here on LJ called aliunde_rpg. We're reopening on May twentieth, and as of right now, the only X/X-2 character we have here is this spunky little girl, Rikku. I'm looking for some more canonmates for here, I mean, anyone would be wonderful! If you click on the lj cut you can learn more about the game. If you have any questions, please please PLEASE message me either through PM here, or on aim at apieceofheaven3. You can also e-mail me at rheabirdable@gmail.com. Thank you~!

It's a regular day, and you're off doing your normal, daily routine-- nothing out of the ordinary. It's the last thing your remember before darkness takes over...

After some time, you start to regain consciousness. Clean, stale air fills you nostrils. Where are you? As you open your eyes, you take note of your surroundings. It's a hospital room, or what looks like a hospital room.

You realize that you're not alone. There's someone else in the room-- a doctor. At least, they look like a doctor with their white lab coat. Ignoring any questions you may have, the doctor hands you a small package and turns to leave. Right before he shuts the door he leaves you with three words:

"Welcome to Aliunde."

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